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Yes, PlantChemDB is an absolutely free app. You do not need to pay any fee for its use.
No, you don't. This resource does not need special software and will be suitable for using in all browsers with java script support. All what you need is the Internes access.
Yes, you can use PlantChemDB on your tablet. App PlantChemDB is equipped with adaptive design, that is why you can use it both on computers and tablets or mobile phones. All what you need is the Internes access.
Chemotype is a chemical variety of the same plant's species with constant high content of one or several chemical compounds in obtained essential oil. That is why in terms of one species the existence of several chemotypes is possible which do not differ from each other in components set, but its contents can vary in a wide range. Traditionally the chemotype is determined according to its dominant component, and the existence of any chemotype is assumed to be the reason of different geographic location of growth, that is why for different countries the definite set of chemotypes is possible.
If you do not know taxonomic classification of the plant under your study use web-identificators of plants. For example, https://gobotany.newenglandwild.org/simple/.
If you are an author of a number of publications in essential oil study, but you have observed that PlantChemDB does not contain them, send your articles or its links in journals to our mail plantchemdb@gmail.com. As a result your experimental data will be able to a wide range of scientist of your filed which will lead undoubtedly to the increase of your citation index.