Chemotype search

If you have obtained your own results of plants' essential oil composition (for example, on the basis of GC/MS data) this type of search will help you to find similar chemotypes of your chosen plant with the same percentage content of chosen compounds as you have found.

  • STEP 1-3 - If you know exactly the species under the study, select Family, Genus and Species you need from options below. It will make your search more specific. If you do not know, just skip these fields.
  • STEP 4 - Choose Name of Compound you need. It is recommended to use the dominant component (the component with the highest percentage). Also you can use several components (maximum 5) - just choose components you need sequentially. Then click Next.
  • STEP 5 - After that type Percentage of each chosen compound according to your experimental data. Then click Search.
  • If you have problems with this type of search, click Contacts, send to us your question through message service and you will be assisted with qualified help of our experts.

    Step 1 - Choose Family

    Step 2 - Choose Genus

    Step 3 - Choose Species

    Step 4 - Choose Name of Compound

    Step 5 - Type Percentage of Compounds

    # Species Chemotype Country Compound Percentage, %