Compound abundance

This type of search could help you to get the information about the specific chemical compound of the plants' essential oil composition (structural formula, physical and pharmacological properties). Also you will obtain the information about species containing chosen compound and its content in the essential oil composition of listed species and chemotypes.

  • STEP 1 - If you know the CAS number of the compound, begin to type the number and choose one of the proposed options. Then click Search. (In the database not all compounds have CAS numbers that is why, if you do not find the compound go to STEP 2).
  • STEP 2- If you do not know the CAS number, do not worry! Just fill the field Name of the compound you want to get the information about. Then click Search.
  • STEP 3 - Also the search by IUPAC name is available in this type of search. To use it choose one of the proposed options. Then click Search.
  • If you have problems with this type of search, click Contacts, send to us your question through message service and you will be assisted with qualified help of our experts.

    Step 1 - Choose CAS number

    Step 2 - Choose Name of Compound

    Step 3 - Choose IUPAC name