Welcome to PlantChemDB

The Plant Chemotype DATABASE (PlantChem DB) is free continually updated unique Web-resource for plant essential oils, containing scientifically approved experimental records of plants' essential oil composition, spread across diverse geographical locations all over the globe. This resource does not have analogous on the Internet. What is more it is available in two languages: English and Russia.

PlantChem DB is equipped with three powerful tools of fast and effective search:

Chemotype abundance

This type of search provides you with an opportunity to find actual information about the chemotypes of chosen species all over world. In the chemotype's description you will be able to find reference where the chosen chemotype was describes and also to obtain details about the sample preparation and analysis procedures. What is more this type of search is equipped with Comparative analysis between chemotypes.


Compound abundance and its properties

This type of search could help you to get the information about the specific chemical compound of the plants' essential oil composition (structural formula, physical and pharmacological properties). Also you will obtain the information about species containing chosen compound and its contentin the essential oil composition of listed species and chemotypes.


Chemotype search

If you have obtained your own results of plants' essential oil composition (for example, on the basis of GC/MS data) this type of search will help you to find similar chemotypes of your chosen plant with the same compound' percentages as you have found.


PlantChemDB presently contains:

  • references;
  • plant species;
  • essential oil components;
  • plant chemotypes;
  • essential oil records.

PlantChemDB was developed by specialists in the field of essential oil study under the supervision of experts in this field and high-qualified Web-developers with the use of such technologies as groovy, java Script and frameworks like grails, hibirnate, jQuery.

This resource does not need special software and will be suitable for using in all browsers with java script support.

Apart from that PlantChemDB is equipped with adaptive design, that is why you can use it both on computers and tablets or mobile phones. All what you need is the Internet access.